Max Office creates hybrid forms of communication for design and social systems, drawing on the roles as planner, researcher, critic, writer, editor, conceptualizer, visualizer, programmer, and designer.
Feature Design

Shoupin Zhang

After accumulating extensive experience at the 2x4 Beijing OMA office, Shoupin Zhang founded Max Office Graphic Design and Research Studio in Beijing in 2014. During this period, he successfully executed numerous distinguished design and research projects in collaboration with the fields of architecture, art, and fashion, both domestically and internationally.

From 2015 to 2020, Shoupin Zhang served as a visiting lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, focusing on pioneering research into the future development of design studies. His dedication and scholarly work were recognized with a doctoral degree, notably for his first-prize-winning dissertation, "The Geography of Design."

Since 2021, Shoupin Zhang has elevated the scope of his design practice. Simultaneously, he established the OF HUNGER brand, leading a dynamic team dedicated to the development of cutting-edge electronic wearable products, with a primary focus on the themes of "Human, Future, Wearable." This innovative project has received numerous international accolades, and Shoupin Zhang showcased the research outcomes at the Technology and Fashion Academic Summit under the topic "Tech-oriented Fashion Objects."

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